Supplier / Vendor On-Boarding For Payments

Entryless helps you get your suppliers paid fast with easy ACH payments. After you’ve set up your Entryless account to make ACH payments, there is a short, one-time on-boarding process that suppliers need to complete before they can receive ACH payments from you. Once that process is completed, they’ll enjoy the benefits of receiving payments from you in 1-3 days.

Onboarding Suppliers

To onboard a supplier, you need to invite them from your contacts list. In the Entryless dashboard, click Contacts.

In the list of contacts, find the contact you want to onboard and then click Free Invite.

Confirm the correct email address for the supplier and then click Invite.

Your supplier will receive an email invitation to join Entryless. The supplier can sign up for a free account and be connected to you. Once connected to you, you’ll be able to see that they’re connected in the contacts list.

Each supplier will need to setup their own bank account in Entryless before they can receive ACH payments from you within Entryless.

After the easy setup, you can schedule ACH payments to your suppliers and we’ll send instructions to your bank on the same day to issue payment, making it fast and easy for you and your suppliers.

ACH payments made by you go directly from your bank account into your supplier’s bank account in 1-3 days, depending on their bank’s policies. We don’t “float” your payments, which is holding funds for a period of time in a service provider’s account.

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