Configuring Entryless to Use QuickBooks Desktop

The first time you log into Entryless, you need to choose the accounting system.

If you have multiple companies, you’ll need to select the accounting system for each company individually and sync the Chart of Accounts for each company. Even if you manage multiple companies, each company in Entryless use a different accounting system.

Click Select Accounting Package and then click QuickBooks Desktop.


Once you’ve selected QuickBooks Desktop as your accounting system, you’ll need to create and download a configuration file for QuickBooks Web Connector.




Type the name of the Entryless company you want to generate the configuration file for, click Add Company, and then click Get Configuration File. Save this configuration file (a .QWC file) to your computer.

Connecting QuickBooks Desktop to Entryless

After downloading the configuration file from Entryless, make sure that:

  • QuickBooks is running
  • The company file that you want to sync with Entryless is open

Once you’ve opened the company file you want to sync with Entryless, double click the .QWC file you downloaded to start the QuickBooks Web Connector utility.

You’ll need to authorize the QuickBooks Web Connector to create a new web service using the configuration file. Click OK to authorize Entryless.


Once the application has been authorized, you’ll see Entryless in the list of QuickBooks web services. In the Password field, type your Entryless password and then press Enter. Allow the QuickBooks Web Connector to save the password when prompted.

Syncing QuickBooks

Once you’ve saved the password for the Entryless web service in the QuickBooks Web Connector, the QuickBooks Web Connector will sync your suppliers and Chart of Accounts from QuickBooks to Entryless at the next sync interval.

The sync intervals are setup in the QuickBooks Web Connector, and by default will sync every minute.

In order to continue to sync suppliers, the Chart of Accounts, and bills between QuickBooks and Entryless, the QuickBooks Web Connector application must be running and the Entryless web service must be enabled and have the correct Entryless password. If you change your password in Entryless, you’ll need to reenter it in QuickBooks Web Connector.


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