Processing Time

We process bills as fast as we can. It is usually immediate and up to 12 hours for our Premium plans and for our free companies it takes up 5 business days. 

While they are being processed, we show bills as Processing under Pending.

We do not throttle the experience of any of our users, we only automate bills from paid companies first by our Entryless cloud, and free companies will go down our automation line with no priority.  

We offer an even faster guarantee for the Premium and Payment Pro tiers, and for the Forever Free users, your bills will always be processed. Forever.

We understand Entryless is business-critical for your company, and as such our paid features would seem worth the small monthly cost:

USA: $29.99 (USA) per month

$A 29.99 (AUD) per month

New Zealand: 
$N 29.99 (NZD) per month

United Kingdom: £1
9.99 (GBP) per month

For 'guaranteed' ultra-fast processing, Box, Google Drive, Dropbox integration, bill payments (USA), cloud accounting syncing methods, bill source document sync and VIP priority support.

We look forward to serving you as a paid customer.

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