QuickBooks Online Classes

With Entryless, you can use QuickBooks Online classes to categorize your expenses by location, product line, or any criteria you need to be able to track.

Entryless automatically syncs the classes you define in QuickBooks Online so that you can select the correct category for each bill and sync it back to QuickBooks Online when your bills sync.



Configuring Classes in QuickBooks Online

Before you can use QuickBooks Online classes in Entryless, you need to ensure that you’re using the Plus Edition of QuickBooks Online. Entryless can manage your bills in any edition of QuickBooks Online, but classes are only available in the Plus Edition.

To configure the classes you want to use within QuickBooks Online, visit the QuickBooks Online Support site or visit the help section within QuickBooks Online. Once you have configured classes, they will sync to Entryless.

Selecting a Class in Entryless

If you have configured classes in QuickBooks Online, the classes will automatically sync with Entryless. When you review and approve bills, Entryless will show an additional entry for the class. Select the appropriate class from the list and approve the bill as normal. When the bills sync to QuickBooks Online, they will be assigned to the class you selected in Entryless.


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