Video: How to Integrate Zoho Books with Entryless

Zoho Books: How To Integrate Zoho Books with Entryless from Entryless on Vimeo.

In this video, we’ll show you how Entryless integrates with Zoho Books to managing bills and suppliers fast and easy.

In this video, we’ve already created an Entryless account, created a company in Entryless and synced it to a company in Zoho Books.

When a company in Entryless is synced with Zoho Books, the Intuit menu appears in the upper right hand corner of the window. This lets you know that your synchronization is setup and active.

One of the ways that Entryless integrates with Zoho Books is that it imports the Chart of Accounts from Zoho Books. All the chart of accounts , expense account types, classes and tax rates, that appear in Entryless were imported from Zoho Books, so you can just maintain your chart of accounts in one place for convenience and consistency.

When you first sync Entryless with your cloud accounting system, Entryless also imports all the vendors that are defined in Zoho Books. The list of suppliers we see here in Entryless were actually created within Zoho Books and imported during the initial sync. We’ll take a closer look at supplier synchronization in a few moments.

Entryless also imports historical bill data from Zoho Books. With this import process, when you start using Entryless, you don’t have to do any manual re-entry of bills. Everything will appear in Entryless. Even after you start using Entryless, if you enter a bills in Zoho Books, you can sync them to Entryless without having to manually reenter them here.

So as a reminder, Entryless imports your chart of accounts, vendor information, and historical bill data when you sync with Zoho Books.

When it comes to getting information out of Entryless and into Zoho Books, Entryless syncs both bills and supplier information. We’ll take a look at supplier synchronization first.

Right now, we’ve got a list of suppliers in Entryless that were imported from Zoho Books. You can also manually add a new supplier in Entryless.

You can fill out as much information as you like. Here, we’re just going to fill in the required supplier name and save the entry.

Now, we’ll sync the supplier with Zoho Books. To sync only suppliers that you’ve added or modified, select the “modified suppliers” checkbox. Once we do that, only the supplier we just created is selected and ready to be synced.

Now, we’ll export this supplier to Zoho Books. Whenever you do a manual supplier sync, Entryless will show you the results of the synchronization, so that you can be sure the export was successful. Here, we’ve successfully exported the supplier, so let’s take a look in Zoho Books to verify.

And here’s the supplier we exported from Entryless. From here, you can edit the supplier details as needed and enter bills for the supplier.

One thing that’s important to note is that once you start routing bills to Entryless, you don’t have to manually create suppliers in either Entryless or Zoho Books. If you upload a bill from a completely new supplier or a new supplier sends a bill to your Entryless email address, Entryless will automatically create the supplier for you.

Of course, Entryless also syncs your bills to Zoho Books, so we’ll take a quick look at that process.

By default, in the Sync Bills screen, you are shown only bills that have been approved within Entryless and are ready to sync with Zoho Books. To export those bills, click Export to Zoho Books.

Now, we’ll export the bills to Zoho Books. Whenever you sync bills, Entryless will show you the results of the synchronization, so that you can be sure the export was successful. Here, we’ve successfully exported the bills, so we’ll go back to Zoho Books again to verify.

And here’s the bills we exported from Entryless. It appears with the bill category that was assigned from Entryless.

While we’re still in Zoho Books, let’s take a look at tax settings.

In our Zoho Books company, we’ve defined a sales tax rate that’s made up of a state sales tax and a municipal sales tax.

Because Entryless imports your Chart of Accounts from Zoho Books, the tax settings you defined are brought into Entryless and assigned a specific general ledger account. The tax rate settings are applied automatically and handled at the line item level if there are multiple expense accounts created for different taxes.

In addition, if you manage multiple companies, Entryless keeps each company’s settings, chart of accounts, supplier lists, tax settings and so on completely unique. This allows you to manage your bills for all your companies from within a single location.

For example, our second company in Entryless has a completely different set of vendors. This gives you the convenience of managing bills and suppliers for all your companies within Entryless, while keeping all the settings for each company unique.

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